Shamiah Bryce, known by his stage name, King X, is a multifaceted artist whose life and music are a fusion of the vibrant streets of NYC, where he was born and raised. Having navigated between Harlem and the Bronx during his formative years, King X gained a unique perspective on urban life.

Music became his refuge and expression from an early age. By age 11, he was already writing rhymes and embraced rap as his calling in his early twenties. His journey led him to Penn State, where he briefly pursued a degree while immersing himself in the local music scene by performing at shows.

Driven by a desire to transcend the limitations of his environment, King X was part of a music collective called Fly Boys; this group was a beacon of positivity amidst the rising tide of gang culture in his community. His music is characterized by its raw authenticity and relatable narratives, serving as a testament to his unwavering commitment to uplift and inspire.

Despite facing personal struggles, including losing his beloved grandmother, King X channels his experiences to create music that resonates deeply with listeners. His sound, rooted in R&B with influences spanning rock, blues, and soul, reflects the eclectic musical palette his father and grandmother instilled in him. 

Through his collaboration with LMG Wade and his affiliation with GMEN, King X found a supportive community that nurtures his creativity while allowing him the autonomy to thrive as an independent artist. His journey from adversity to empowerment is evident in his music, where he seamlessly blends pain, resilience, and triumph.

King X represents resilience and transformation beyond the stage. His commitment to health and creativity reflects his desire to empower the youth and foster positive change in his community. With aspirations of owning a dispensary and continuing to inspire through his music, King X’s legacy is one of authenticity, purpose, and unwavering determination.

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