Breaking New Grounds: Elevating Our Elite Trajectory with Quality Products and Progressive Momentum.

CBD Products

Pure, Simple, and Effective CBD products that work!

THC Products

Only the Greatest strands guaranteed to raise your vibe

Smoking Accesories

Hand-picked Accessories for an Elevated Experience

Gotham Buds Apparel

Unmatched Excellence in Clothing Quality

Gotham Buds Media

Inspiring With Superior Sound & Visual Media Creations

So Much More

Our goal is to create an experience identical to none.

Who We Are

Welcome to the world of Gotham Buds. We specialize in creating luxurious clothing, mind-bending hip-hop music, and industry leading cannabis smoking accessories.

We Are Modern Sophisticated Luxurious Rugged Gotham

There is a Gotham in every country, and not only do we survive in Gotham, we thrive.  Our brand is one that speaks to the relentless spirit of the urban children – born to live the good life – but never forgetting where we came from.