Reflecting on a Year of Growth and Gratitude: Thank You Harlem!

To Our Gotham Buds Community, As we approach the end of this remarkable year, the leadership team at Gotham Buds finds ourselves filled with gratitude and pride. 2023 marked the inception of our journey in the heart of Harlem, and what a journey it has been! Today, as we reflect on our achievements and the […]

Welcome to Gotham Buds NY

Welcome to the world of Gotham Buds. We specialize in creating luxurious clothing, mind-bending hip-hop music, and industry leading cannabis smoking accessories.  The people we service are educated, not only in the world of cannabis, but in the world of quality.  We provide what you deserve because we think like you.  We’re NY born and […]

NYC Father’s Fashion
What’s Next?

The hypothesis of this article is definitely a bold one. To question whether one city is better than another at anything is controversial in its own right. To pit two cities like Los Angeles: the sun-scarred mecca for elongated tees, boardshorts and smoothie-lovers, and New York City: the chaotic melting pot of abstract stylistic influences […]

Welcome to Gotham Buds

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