Issa Minkah

Director of Digital Experience

Currently directing the Digital Experience realm at Gotham Buds in the heart of New York, NY, Issa is an avant-garde web developer and digital artist.

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Shaping the Future of Luxury Brands in NY

Our luxury fashion, merch, and music brings together the best of all 3 worlds, offering a oneofakind experience for the discerning cannabis enthusiast. From haute couture to cuttingedge accessories, we have something for everyone. And with our exclusive music offerings, you can shop till you drop to the beat of the latest in premium New York music.

Complete Bio
Issa, the visionary founder and lead designer at Minkah Design, is a dynamic force steering the immersive tech landscape. With a profound focus on web design and development, Issa is cultivating a legacy of STEM-related knowledge, weaving transformative digital artistry that resonates with people from all walks of life.

Currently directing the Digital Experience realm at Gotham Buds in the heart of New York, NY, Issa is an avant-garde web developer and digital artist. His extensive expertise spanning graphic design, web design/development, multimedia design, and AR/VR design has positioned him as a highly sought-after asset, capable of seamlessly integrating into any stage of the process while delivering exceptional results. This wealth of knowledge has made him a coveted choice for organizations worldwide. With his dynamic skill set and fresh perspective, he brings a refreshing and captivating approach to his work.

Issa’s graphic and visual prowess uniquely mirrors his clients’ values, enabling him to connect with diverse audiences through creative innovation. Rooted in a passion for uplifting marginalized communities akin to his own upbringing in Charlotte, NC, he forges partnerships with grassroots organizations on regional and national fronts, providing workshops for students of all ages, virtual classes, and one-on-one consultation for adults who desire to learn more about utilizing the power of the web to ignite their businesses and brands. Through these alliances, not only does Issa empower his clients to expand and speak to new audiences every day, but he also pioneers initiatives that empower younger generations to code, design, and shape the digital future.
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