Mitchell Greene

Director of Business Development &
Community Advocacy

Mitchell Greene is a seasoned professional with over forty years of experience in community and economic development.

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Complete Bio
As the founder and sole member of The Growth Group, LLC, a successful small business, community, and economic development consulting company, he has provided invaluable organizational and business development consultative services since its establishment in 2005.

One area where Mitchell’s expertise shines is in supporting small businesses and nonprofits. He has worked extensively with nonprofit organizations, small business owners, and academic institutions, offering guidance and assistance in achieving their goals. Mitchell’s track record includes serving as a consultant for the Metropolitan Transit Authority’s (MTA) Small Business Development Program, where he provided his expertise to foster the growth of small businesses. Additionally, he has contributed his skills to the Center for Urban Entrepreneurship and Economic Development (CUEED) at Rutgers University, furthering their mission of empowering entrepreneurs in urban communities.

Mitchell’s commitment to community development is exemplified by his previous role as a consultant for the Harlem Business Alliance (HBA). During his tenure, he actively supported the TDX/MTA Small Business Development Program and provided invaluable consultative services to aspiring and existing entrepreneurs within the Central Harlem community. His dedication to helping individuals and businesses thrive is evident in his work.

Notably, Mitchell’s experience extends to programmatic, compliance, and fiscal assessments of nonprofit organizations. He has conducted thorough evaluations of organizations awarded Community Economic Development grants by the US Department of Health and Human Services Office of Community Services. These grants were instrumental in launching or expanding traditional business and social enterprise ventures, creating employment opportunities for low-income individuals. In addition to his consulting work, Mitchell has also shared his knowledge as an adjunct instructor in the Management and Global Business Department at Rutgers University.

In his role as the Programs Director for the Greater Newark Enterprise Corporation (GNEC), Mitchell played a pivotal role in supporting entrepreneurship. He served as a loan underwriter and managed the organization’s entrepreneurial training programs. Under his leadership, the New Entry Entrepreneurial Training Institute (NEETI) and the Urban Entrepreneurs Development Institute (UEDI) were established. These programs provided training, technical assistance, and financing to formerly incarcerated individuals and low to moderate-income individuals, catering to the needs of the underserved New Jersey business community. Mitchell also facilitated procurement and technical assistance services for the organization’s clients.

Prior to his current engagement, Mitchell served as the Project Director for the New Jersey Statewide Minority Business Development Center (NJSMBDC), where he provided consultative services and assisted small businesses in obtaining public and private sector procurement certifications.

Mitchell holds a degree from Morehouse College and received his legal education from the North Carolina Central University School of Law. His extensive background and commitment to community and economic development make him an ideal fit for supporting a premium cannabis brand like Gotham Buds as its Director of Compliance and Community Affairs.

With his skills in organizational and business development, Mitchell will help ensure Gotham Buds thrives and makes a positive impact on the community it serves.
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