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Gotham Media Entertainment Network Debuts Rising Star Jonny Fatz with Latest Freestyle

New York, NY — Today, Gotham Media Entertainment Network (GMEN), a dynamic subsidiary of Gotham Buds, proudly announces the release of its inaugural freestyle, “Imaginary Players,” by the vibrant emerging artist, Jonny Fatz. The freestyle is accompanied by a visual shot by KJ Shot It of Who Run It NYC. This milestone marks GMEN’s debut venture into the music industry, available now on YouTube for streaming.

Hailing from the heart of Harlem, Jon Reyes Alvarez, professionally known as Jonny Fatz, emerges as a captivating force on the New York hip-hop scene. Freestyling to Jay-Z’s “Imaginary Players,” serves as a bold and confident introduction to Jonny Fatz’s distinctive sound, reflecting the raw authenticity of his upbringing. In his own words, “I’m excited for the release of this freestyle! I am paying homage to one of the greatest ever to do it and in everything I do, I am representing my neighborhood Harlem.” 

This release sets the stage for an exciting journey, as Jonny Fatz collaborates with the GMEN team on a series of upcoming singles, building anticipation for his much-awaited debut EP/album.

CEO of Gotham Buds, Gregory Gray, expresses the vision behind GMEN: “Gotham Buds is a brand built by New Yorkers for New Yorkers. GMEN is our platform to uncover the hidden talent residing in Harlem and throughout NYC. We are excited to invest in these artists, elevating their sounds and empowering their creativity. Jonny Fatz demonstrates the top talent that we have in NYC, and we are honored to be the one to introduce him to the world.”

Don’t miss out on Jonny Fatz’s groundbreaking debut. “Imaginary Players” is available now, inviting audiences to experience Harlem’s newest musical luminary.


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