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Kathleen Exantus, PR Manager

Bryanna Bell, PR Associate

Gotham Media Entertainment Network Releases Latest Freestyle from King X

New York, NY — Today, Gotham Media Entertainment Network (GMEN), the music and entertainment subsidiary of Gotham Buds, proudly announces the release of its latest freestyle, “Pain of A Prince,” by the vibrant emerging artist, King X. The freestyle is accompanied by a visual shot by KJ Shot It of Who Run It NYC,  which is  now available on YouTube.

Shamiah Bryce, known by his stage name King X, brings his unique perspective to his original freestyle “Pain of A Prince”. Having spent his formative years in Harlem and The Bronx, he channels the pain and suffering he has witnessed in his upbringing to deliver music that uplifts and inspires others. Music was often a source of refuge for the artist to escape his struggles, especially when he suffered the loss of his grandmother. He owes his musical influence to his grandmother and father, who introduced him to various genres of music.

“I want everyone to take something with them when they hear my music,” says King X. “If I can survive everything I’ve been through, you can do it too, and my life and music are an embodiment of that mantra.

Head of Music Production at GMEN, Que Jones, talks about how GMEN discovered King X: “At GMEN, we were fortunate to discover King X through our artist, L.M.G. Wade. They recorded many tracks together, and King X’s talent caught the attention of the team. From there, making him a part of the team made sense. GMEN is more than a music label; it is a family operation. We all have personal ties to one another somehow and King X has been here since the beginning. We are excited to share his art with the world.”

Don’t miss out on King X’s breaking debut. “Pain of A Prince” is available now, inviting audiences to experience GMEN’s newest musical discovery.


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